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Madison Academy 3266 S. Genesee Rd Burton, MI 48519 Singers & Dancers must prepare one song for the audition. Actors prepare the following sides: SIDE 1: "Unfortunately for King George, the “pride of Mount Vernon” General George Washington has enlisted Hamilton as his right hand man. Meanwhile, at a Winter’s Ball, Hamilton meets the love of his life." SIDE 2: "President Adams fires Hamilton, and Hamilton retaliates with an inflammatory critique of the new president. The feud gets ugly, and Hamilton decides to go public about his affair to prevent this secret from interfering with his political future." SIDE 3 “In the Presidential election of 1800, Hamilton ends up endorsing Jefferson, which causes Burr to challenge him to a duel. Hamilton intentionally misses his shot, just as he instructed his son Philip to do, and dies as a result.” PLEASE BRING HEADSHOT AND RESUME (if you have one)
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I understand all REQUIREMENTS for this event: I understand that RICH Kids, Inc. will select performers who best fit the goals of this event and reserves the right to limit performers of the same industry. I understand that if I cancel 30 days prior to the event I will not get a refund. Performers not accepted to the event will be fully refunded. Cleaning fee: You are responsible for any trash that you have. Do not leave it on site - trek it out with you. The city, RICH Kids, Inc. or the Flint Water Festival is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items at the festival, nor responsible to injuries that may occur. I hereby shall indemnify and defend RICH Kids, Inc., Flint Water Festival/City of Flint, their successors, agents, and assigns, harmless against all claims, losses, expenses, liabilities and damages, arising out of my participation in the event. I agree to abide by all rules set forth herein. RICH Kids, Inc., Flint Water Festival/City of Flint assumes no responsibility for the safety of my equipment, my booth, my body, or my agents resulting from any cause including my negligence of the negligence of others. I agree to the terms above and below.
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